Floor-Standing Centrifuges

floor_standing_centrifuge1We service, repair and calibrate a large range of floor- standing centrifuges, low speed for use in blood banks and high volume separation, super and supraspeeds through to ultra centrifuges in biology for pelleting of fine particulate fractions and for gradient separations.

Because of the tremendous rotational kinetic energy of the rotor in an ultra centrifuge the stresses of routine use and harsh chemical solutions eventually cause rotors to deteriorate. Proper use of the instrument and rotors within recommended limits and careful maintenance of rotors are required to prevent corrosion and to detect deterioration, for this reason we include rotor inspections as part of our service.

Manufacturers of floor-standing centrifugesfloor_standing_centrifuge2

Sorvall, Heraeus, Thermo, Beckman, Hitachi, Kontron, MSE